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Remember when the media falsely Accused

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Brian Savilla

 Remember when the Media and Democrats falsely accused and relentlessly attacked Trump with the boilerplate message that he was not respected globally and would start wars (amongst other soulless demonizations, of course)? In reality, that obviously didn’t happen and he actually brought peace through strength. Remember when the Media and Democrats lied about Biden’s strength and how he’d bring stability (amongst a nearly countless list of other lies)? In reality, our enemies are emboldened to 1930’s levels and our national security is quite possibly the worst it’s ever been. Of course, that’s in addition to the record inflation and overall economic instability, mixed in with the social unrest/chaos that they purposely push upon us to promote division. So much for peace, prosperity, and unity. But at least China and Russia get to “build back better”. I wish more people would/could learn from these historic mistakes, but history teaches us that some will remain blind and others will cheer on the destruction and death their loyalty to a Party and ideology is guaranteed to bring. Thankfully, those who can see should find peace in knowing Jesus and realizing that the trials and tribulations of this world are nothing to worry about. I pay attention and try to educate, but I don’t get angry (anymore) or worry because I know the promises and glory to come. I pray that others accept and follow Jesus as well.