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2021 was…..different

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Brian Savilla

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 I don’t normally like to look at years as collectively good or bad, considering every day is its own and the glory of what’s to come is something we should look forward to and know to be true (if you believe in Him).

That being said, 2021 was…..different? I’m trying to get back to my positive self, so I don’t want to call it a dumpster fire or train wreck (although those terms may be more accurate). With as much as has gone wrong this year, I think it’s more appropriate to finish last year and start the new year off with my favorite saying:

On a positive note, we’re all still blessed. Yes, I said all. No matter how good or bad you believe your situation is or was, you’re still blessed. You have another moment to better yourself and/or someone else, look for the good in your life, be thankful for the friend(s) you have (everyone gets at least one according to Spiderman), and to love everyone. Although there’s been more bad things happen to and around me this year, I choose to look at all the blessings instead. Those who are still with us, those who we were blessed to know, those who taught us what to do/be and not to do/be, and most importantly the love of Jesus.

I am flawed, my life isn’t perfect, I am the chief among sinners on numerous topics, and I occasionally lose my way…..but I choose to try and love everyone, to not let my mistakes and shortcomings hold me back or define me, to work on becoming more humble, and to accept Jesus as my personal savior. This world wants you to just focus on the bad, such as mine and everyone else’s sins, the problems around us in society, the things that have happened to us and others, and to doubt if God is real. That is the road to negativity, despair, and destruction. Don’t let the world defeat you, hold you down, fill you with the seven deadly sins, or take away your hope. We and this world are only temporary, so look past the bad to see the good, and be thankful for the blessings around you that we all take for granted at one point or another.

I love you all and have a blessed/safe New Year.

PS. If Maxwell was found guilty, the court has physical evidence against her, and there’s a known list of names she supplied with sex trafficked people (including children)…..why aren’t they going after those people? Same as with what I said above, don’t be led to anger, envy, or harbor any other negative feelings towards innocent people in pop culture, business, or politics. Rather, focus your energy towards being positive and just, and I can’t think of anything more positive and just for the untold amounts of people who have suffered at the hands of these people than by bringing them to light and fighting back against this known evil. I’m not saying to hate them, but I am saying to fight for the innocent and lock up those who have done them harm.