Standing Up For America

A clear choice

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Sooooooo, how is it an act of “white supremacy” to shoot “white people”? Furthermore, how are rioters, child abusers, and other felons “heroes”? Don’t forget to add in the expectation to lay down and die if “peaceful protesters” attack you. This goes hand in hand with other Marxist talking points and propaganda, such as their desires to create gender confusion in children and referring to pedophiles as “minor attracted people”. Seeing the blatant evil within our society, media, and politics makes me believe in Jesus even more. Heaven and Hell are real, and the messages of the Bible get more clear every day. Those pushing the ridiculousness above are the same ones who have been fighting to remove Christianity from our Nation for decades, because they know the elimination of morality leads to the end of freedom. The choices are clear, so choose wisely.