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About 911

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I have to get something off my chest about 9/11.  I see people continuously posting about “Never Forget”, “Always Remember”, and numerous other positive messages of remembrance.  That’s great and I’m glad we honor those who lost their lives and the servicemen who sacrificed all for the lives of others……But…..are we really honoring them?

Are we honoring and remembering when we allow our President to make nuclear deals with our enemies?  Are we honoring them by hindering America while aiding Russia, China, Iran, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and nearly every enemy of our way of life?  Are we honoring and remembering when we allow our President to give billions of dollars and weapons to similar groups to those who attacked us on 9/11?  Allowing a former President to help the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow Nations like Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc..?  Bringing in “refugees” by the thousands while leaving Americans, Christians, non-Muslims, and our other allies to die?  By still refusing to acknowledge Islamic terrorism, but rather focusing on their planned Marxist divisions like the falsely hyped white nationalism?  By allowing the known regrowth of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan?

Of course, don’t forget our spineless at best, aiding at worst Congress who allowed Obama to run free, has done nothing but assist Biden in his incoherent and horrific decisions…..but spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars going after Trump over various conspiracy theories, outright lies, and illegal activities of their own.  Who allowed Benghazi and Fast And Furious to go without punishment.  Who are going to let the handling of Afghanistan go without punishment.  Who sit quietly as the terrorists Obama and Biden released in exchange for a traitor/deserter are getting appointed to Biden’s new terrorist government in Afghanistan today as a smack in the face to true Americans.  Who have taken no stand against anything that truly matters, but are quick to find ways to fleece trillions of dollars of our wealth to their corrupt allies and pet projects…..

Remembering and honoring is great….but actually doing something to stop the traitors in our own Nation would be better.  Educate yourself, educate others, and take a stand against Biden and those like him.  Thank you, God bless the families affected by 9/11, God bless those who serve our Nation and communities, God bless America, and God bless Israel.

By Brian Savilla