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I’ve often wondered, if people think that things are or should be “free”, why are they so hellbent to raise taxes and demonize the “rich”?


Obviously, there’s no correct answer or educated thought behind any of those far too common emotional statements, considering nothing is free and wanting others to pay more in taxes is numerous of the seven deadly sins.  Simple economics would tell you that taxing the rich at 100% wouldn’t even pay for our yearly deficit, and then we’d run into a much greater deficit because you’ll bankrupt the money makers in our economy.  But of course, that’s the goal of Socialism…..where nearly everyone is brought down into government dependence and poverty, while those in government live like kings.  Just look at their current “laws for thee, not for me” mentality.  It’s not a secret or hidden in any way. 

After seeing the complete lack of economic knowledge and basic morals, it makes sense why so many know nothing about history as well.  We’re literally watching millions of Americans enthusiastically repeat damn near every last easily avoidable mistake from Rome to 20th century dictatorships.  For being in such an advanced age, we’re living in the dumbest time in history.  

If you want to solve these problems, speak up and stand up before it’s too late.  Silence equals consent.  Coming from a public school teacher, homeschool or private school your kids if you can, and if not you need to get extremely active in your schools (some are good, but many are infected with those indoctrinating rather than teaching).  That includes colleges, which are a cesspool of social decay that breeds militant Marxists rather than productive citizens.  Furthermore, turn off your TVs, choose where your money goes wisely, and don’t feed into the unnecessary waste that’s corrupting entertainment, sports, and “news”.  It’s liberating to break away from the technology and entertainment that is doing far more to erode society and relationships than benefiting us in any way.  

Lastly, I recommend that we all spend more time looking at our loved ones rather than staring at a screen.  I’ve pulled back a lot on how much I’ve got my phone with me, as well as how much time I waste with TV or online.  The only reason I still get on here is to keep myself sharp and focused on my political, educational, and spiritual goals.  Aside from a 5 minute rant every once in awhile, I’m busy doing something more productive for myself and others.  I hope that you all can do the same and you’re as happy as I am.  If not, I’m always here if you need me (although I respond slowly because I don’t have any notifications turned on).  
As always, I love you all and have a blessed day ❤️

By Brian Savilla