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According to Liberals

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Sooooooo, according to liberals… should deny someone medical care if you disagree with their life choices, but you can’t deny someone a particularly decorated cake?  Ironic, considering cake (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc) kills far more people than respiratory infections every year 🍰 

Sooooooo, according to liberals…..believing in conservative values (such as being pro-life) is more extreme and anti-woman than Sharia Law (where women have little to no rights and are often raped and/or murdered).  Interesting how much I’m hearing about Texas rather than Afghanistan now 🧐

Sooooooo, according to liberals…..concentrating too much wealth and power in the hands of a few “corporations” or “billionaires” is wrong and dangerous, but concentrating all the wealth and power into a few in government is a great idea (that has never been tried right).  Makes sense if you don’t think about it 🤷‍♂️ 

Sorry for the random thoughts, but I was just trying to sift through the hypocrisy and bullshit to find my golfball.  Thanks

From Brian Savilla