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Boycotting vs Cancel Culture

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Brian Savilla

  · Boycotting vs Cancel Culture. Why they’re not the same:

I can’t help but notice the growing number of people repeating yet another of the seemingly countless boilerplate messages, which in this case is that boycotting and cancel culture are the same. No, they’re not. Boycotting is you refusing to buy a good and trying to get others to join you, such as Colonials refusing to buy British goods in the 18th century, the bus boycotts in Alabama 60 years ago, and companies like Carhartt losing customers today.

Cancel Culture is the mentality of demonizing individuals, shunning them from society, and aggressively trying to destroy their financial and personal lives. In no way is refusal to buy a good from a company the same as the dehumanizing attacks from societal Marxists aimed at destroying individuals and eliminating differing viewpoints. Cancel culture is closely tied to how many go about politics these days, with the efforts to dehumanize and demonize people like Trump. Both sides of the spectrum fall short and name call, say childish phrases, and do other immature actions…..of which I’m just as guilty as the next person…..but the level of blind hate geared towards Trump and anyone remotely like him has been something of National Socialist (Nazis) and Communist (Russia, China, etc) levels, where they got people to blindly hate one another to such a level that they were okay seeing the opposing side “canceled” (outcast from society and/or eliminated).

This same mentality can be seen in the following:Class warfare – The false narrative that the rich became so by stealing from the poor, that the rich continuously force the poor into poverty, and that the only way for the poor to become successful is to have their noble saviors in government tax (steal from) the rich and redistribute it to the poor. In reality, the nobles in government take the money from everyone, eliminate the competition for their own power and wealth, fleece the tax money to their allies and pet projects, and enable the poor through government programs that keep them in a constant state of surviving just above the government’s definition of poverty. Rather than focus on the greedy and evil actions of those in government, the anger and hate will permanently be focused on taxing and even “eating” the rich instead. Furthermore, the “rich” that are the most targeted are almost always seen as political enemies to those in power.

Race warfare – The false narrative that there’s a constant state of oppression against Blacks from Whites, that our society is overran with White Supremacy, and that the only way to rid ourselves of this systemic evil is to again use heavy taxation (theft) and regulations (benefits and consequences based on race, sex, and other divisions) through the government to level the playing field. This does nothing but keep the attention away from government corruption, and instead gets people in society to blame and hate each other. Those pulling the strings in government are who control the police, schools, courts, jails, and other such areas that they claim are problems because of faceless, nameless, evil racists. When someone dares to challenge their authority or power, they immediately attack them as one of those evil racists.

Interestingly enough, even Black people who want freedom or dare leave the Democrat plantation are now deemed racists. There’s plenty more examples of these divisions, with new ones popping up every decade or so. The newest divisive lie is of course the Trans movement, where if you agree with the truths of basic biology, don’t want women athletes being dominated by or having opportunities stolen by men, and don’t want children being forced into gender confusion and false gender identities…..then you’re somehow a bigot or phobic. Science? 🤔 Even the way the past two years have been handled is born of this mindset, where if you disagree with the government or media narratives then you’re anti-whatever and a danger to society.

Of course more government, more taxation, and less freedoms are always the solutions to all of our problems. Get it yet? Sadly, millions don’t and history suggests that they never will see how they’re being manipulated and used to divide and conquer. In conclusion, don’t become a victim. When you become the victim, then the oppressor wins. In this case, the want to be oppressors are the Marxists in government and the media who want to keep us divided and distracted. I know this is a radical statement and against much of what you’re taught throughout society today…..but not one adult in America is oppressed by anyone else in society. Not one person, regardless if you are rich, poor, black, white, male, female, or whatever other self defining and often divisive characteristic you wish to use. We are all free to do and be what we want and are capable of, if we are willing to work for it. True oppression is right around the corner though and showing its face in numerous government actions, so be careful what you wish for. Thanks and have a great day!