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Bring on the fear of guns!

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Brian Savilla

 Like clockwork, the abortion frenzy is starting to die down, so bring on the fear of guns! No, not the ones used in Democrat cities that have the strictest gun laws and gun crimes that happen every day, but the rarest occurrences that fit the manufactured Media and Democrat narratives. Of course, those narratives don’t include how those rare occurrences also happen in Democrat “gun free zones”, which strips law abiding citizens of their right to protect themselves. But back in reality…..Thanks, Democrats, for the record inflation, as well as the decay of our economy, society, and borders. The farther we get towards your desired Socialism, the worse everything gets. But hey, at least you got dudes pretending to be chicks getting high offices and winning woman of the year awards, people moving up the ladder entirely based on lifestyles and appearances instead of qualifications, the hope that millions of babies (especially minority ones) will continue to get slaughtered for immoral reasons, and inner cities filled with homelessness, drugs, poverty, and crime that you purposely ignore and deflect from. I know most of you will just keep blindly voting for Biden, Pelosi, and the rest…..while ignorantly blaming Trump and Capitalism for the problems you’ve helped create. That’s dope.In the words of Barney the Dinosaur, you can’t fix stupid. 👍PS. Watch 2000 Mules. It covers a lot of what I’ve been talking about since 2012. It’s about one of the many ways Democrats are stealing our elections, and ironically the CDC used the exact same geo-tracking to spy on us during the lock-downs. Yay, technology.