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Climate Crisis

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The “Climate Crisis” is the culmination of 50 years of fear mongering and indoctrination from Globalists and Marxists.  From Global Cooling, to Global Warming, to Climate Change, to now an insanely vague and untrue crisis…..every phase has focused on getting people unreasonable fearful of something they know little about, while also ignoring the vast corruption by those creating the narratives.  Interestingly enough, the solutions have all revolved around the same outcomes:  Give those in government more money and authority, and they will protect and save us all.  You know, the same people who fly around in private jets, live in private communities, have guaranteed income and protected resources, and the most greedy, wasteful, and power hungry people on Earth.  They’ll definitely save us…..  Don’t be fooled or a fool.

By Brian Savilla