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Congressional leaders directly threatening Supreme Court

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Brian Savilla

  · I wonder if Senator Schumer and the rest of the radical Democrats will show up to threaten the Supreme Court Justices again. Interesting how Congressional leaders directly threatening Supreme Court Justices because they don’t get their way is completely ignored by the Media and their loyal dependents. Kinda the same way Hillary’s crimes, the now proven Russian hoax, Biden and his family’s corruption, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein, and numerous other crime stories have been covered up. It’s almost like the Media and Democrats are corrupt and in this together….. 🤔 PS. If this unscrupulous leak (another Democrat specialty) is indeed true, that’s pretty neato. Abortion should have always been a State matter, just like damn near everything else. There’s no reason why the majority of our States should be forced into moral and economic decay because places like California are filled with people who don’t understand the Constitution and believe in Marxism. Other’s freedoms don’t end where your disagreements begin.PPS. Before anyone gets upset, I have every right to be against abortion. There is no more “it’s only a woman’s decision” argument, you know…..since men have periods and babies these days, correct? Or is that “disinformation”? 🤔 Liberalism is void of reality, which makes using their ridiculous talking points against them that much more enjoyable.