Standing Up For America

Democrats and Media

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Democrats and Media:  Joe Rogan dropped some N bombs and doesn’t agree with everything that those in government say, so he and everyone like him needs silenced immediately.  
Also Democrats and Media:  *Not a freaking worry that those knowingly connected to an A list human and sex trafficking ring are getting away with it, our borders and sovereignty are being ignored, and we’re back to endless international conflicts*
The horror stories of history didn’t come about in a day.  Before the bad times truly began, politicians became increasingly corrupt and unchecked, elections became questionable at best, propaganda was spread by the government and state media, free speech was taken away through the inability to stand up to those in power and demonizing anyone who dared to try, and society was attacked on every level.  I know I’m doom and gloom with this and other such subjects, but that’s because the writing is blatantly on the wall in giant red letters.  I am extremely happy and positive because of my faith in Jesus, but that doesn’t mean I need to turn a blind eye to the growing likelihood that millions will suffer if we don’t speak up while we still can.  Wake up.  Thank you.