Disney Proud of White Supremacist

Disney loves green and white

BLM and NAACP leaders are calling on Disney to denounce a White Supremacist being harbored in their Animal Kingdom facility.

“The fact that this white individual exists at Disney is bad enough! But they are using racist undertones in justifying not immediately getting rid of them,” said BLM leader, Shawn King. Shawn has been proud black man most of his life.

It’s true. Disney was quick to announce their newest family member and did not hide how white they were. They used racial rhetoric suggesting that being white put them in some kind of minority – as if existing in today’s political landscape they were “endangered”.

“We always knew Disney loves money, which is, as you know GREEN,” trumpeted NAACP leader, Darrel Joseph. “Now we know how they love whitey, too!”

Disney was contacted, but refused comment. So far they have not named the individual. We can only assume it is out of fear of further retaliation.

Not to worry, the newest Disney member may be white, but our sources say they are only a RINO, and we know they tend to vote with Democrats more often than not.

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