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Divide and Concur

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Instances like Jussie Smollett, Michael Brown, and Kyle Rittenhouse are perfect examples of how the Media and Democrats use the false race warfare to keep us divided, angry, and distracted.

There is no wave of white supremacy or racism in our country, especially by Trump and his supporters (as the Media and Democrats continuously lie about). Want to #StopHate? Then quit empowering those who wrongfully demonize others, as well as those who convict the innocent and praise the guilty in the court of public opinion.

PS. If you are going to venture into the world of current events, you should probably focus your attention more on the Maxwell case, our planned inflation, our wonderful leaders in both parties screwing us repeatedly in Congress, Biden’s open borders, New York trying to openly allow illegals to vote, and so many more factual problems…..rather than reliving the downfall of numerous other countries by being distracted and wrongfully demonizing the opponents of our growingly authoritarian rulers. Thanks 😊