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Education and educated

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Today has been motivated by some of the smartest people I know, and Socialists.  Enjoy 😊

Education and educated are two overused and misunderstood words that are thrown around in society.  Just because one goes through an education system does not mean they’re educated, especially in a wide variety of fields.  Some of the most arrogant and uneducated people I’ve talked to about politics and a wide variety of other topics…..are indeed some of the most “educated” people I know.

Thanks to the desire to increase graduation rates and other criteria that’s often tied to government funds, K-12 schools have lowered the bar repeatedly over the past several decades.  Some states have altogether ended various graduation requirements (such as in math, science, and reading) so as to help “people of color”, as they themselves have claimed. 

This goes way further, especially with many college and university professors and administrations, which have lowered enrollment qualifications, shifted from knowledge to emotions, made race more important than performance, and have massively expanded their scope of courses/degrees to include absolutely worthless content (educationally and financially).Ironically, Asians have been hit the hardest by these measures as far as discrimination and punishment for success go, while Blacks have been continuously enabled through lowered expectations and handouts.  Regardless of race, everyone in general has been hurt by the outrageously inflated cost of education, which sadly will continue to rise as long as the government gets more involved in it.

Meanwhile, you have those who made it through the system and have become very successful in their fields; but does a PhD or other measurement of education mean all around intelligence…..or just that of your area of study? 

I’m proud of my wife who has achieved at the highest levels, reaching the pinnacle of education and professional status.  Something else I’m proud of her for is being the first person I’ve ever met to say, “I know a whole lot about medicine, but not a lot about several other things.”  Her humbleness has been amazing to watch and admire, and it has made things more clear as to what “educated” really means.  You can be the best doctor, lawyer, teacher, electrician, plumber, or whatever you happen to do…..and not have a clue about numerous other areas of life.

Of course, there’s a whole lot to be said for experience too.  Some of the most all around intelligent people I’ve ever met have had the most diverse lives.  Rather than knowing a lot about gender studies and spouting off like you’re an economics whiz, these people have worked and studied in enough fields to have a knowledge and appreciation for various walks of life.  It’s kinda like being able to tell if someone has worked in the restaurant industry by how they treat the staff and how well they tip, or knowing someone has never been involved in business as you listen to them talk vaguely about Bernie’s economic plans.

Thankfully, I’ve had a very diverse life that has given me a unique ability to dominate in trivia, but I also know what I don’t know.  I’ll never talk to you about electrical work because I’ve been electrocuted and am terrified of it, nor will I talk to you about plumbing because I don’t want to know what hell on earth has to deal with what I send them.  I will obviously talk about politics because I’ve studied and lived it, as well as history and education, business and economics, and a few others.  It doesn’t mean I know more than everyone else or that I’m never wrong, but rather that I’m confident in what I’ve learned through my studies and experiences in my particular areas.

In conclusion, just be careful of saying you’re educated in an all encompassing way, and definitely be skeptical of those who feel themselves to be educated in areas outside their wheelhouses.  Also, don’t ever be afraid to question those trying to force things on you, especially with educators and politicians.  If they truly know what they think they know, they should be able to thoroughly and factually explain it to you.  Especially with politicians, most (and from experience, I do mean most) know more about talking than they do about governing.  
Merry early Christmas ❤️