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Brian Savilla

Free economics lesson:
To all those who have fallen into the trap of repeating emotional messages about home prices, rent, minimum wage, and other such talking points…..
1. Almost no one makes minimum wage. Over the past 40 years, minimum wage workers have went from around 13% of hourly workers to less than 2%. When you factor in all workers, it drops that number to less than 1%. When you factor in those receiving tips as part of their wage, it drops significantly again. So your constant cries for those making minimum wage equates to around 0.5% of the workforce, of which the majority are kids in school or college.
2. Ironically, house and rent prices continue to rise because of the desires of the exact same people crying over minimum wage. Thanks to “green” regulations popping up around the country, new home prices have and will continue to go up. Add in the corrupt local governments that charge thousands of dollars for fees and permits, the building supplies that are going up from inflation and over-regulation, the Federal Reserve continuously manipulating interest and money supply, and increased taxation causing everything to rise…..and it’s pretty easy to see why house prices continue to unnecessarily inflate. If house prices and taxation both increase, obviously rent is going to unnecessarily increase as well.
3. Not everyone “deserves” a house of their own. You earn houses, cars, insurance, and everything else. If you want what your parents or grandparents had, go earn it like they did. Btw, the “my grandparents had….” is a ridiculous talking point. Your grandparents grew up in an era without unlimited and expensive government entitlements (usually about 60% of Federal spending with additional State funds today), far cheaper schooling (usually about 50% of State funding with additional Federal funds today), colleges that trained for cheap rather than indoctrinating for a lot, far less costly regulations, etc. They also shared one car, had reasonable houses, and didn’t have the many extras we waste money on today. It’s called living within your means, making wise financial decisions, and taking personal responsibility.
4. Of course, personal decisions make the biggest impact on each individual. Home and rent prices in “hot spot” cities like Denver and essentially any other heavily Liberal area (aside from their urban decay) have skyrocketed over the past decade, while reasonable towns and smaller cities have been more stable and affordable. I happen to live in the midwest, where you can get an affordable house or apartment in a safe area that has more than enough amenities for a fraction of what you’d pay on the left or east coasts. To go along with the affordability, there’s more jobs than Bernie can shake a finger at. A quarter of the population where I live is Hispanic because the businesses can’t find Americans willing to work. These aren’t minimum wage jobs either, but very well paying jobs for companies like Toyota, Cummins, Aisin, and numerous others.
In conclusion, spend less time repeating extremely destructive Marxist talking points, and instead live the American Dream that we’ve been blessed with. Before you spew “white privilege” or any other boilerplate attack…..I didn’t come from money, I worked my way through school (starting before I was even a teenager), I went to a university I could afford, I rented various places in numerous towns until I was 36 (even though I was making enough at 32 to buy what I wanted), I worked jobs that I didn’t want to (including delivering furniture and pizza while running for office at 28), I drove death wagons until I could afford better, I still chose to go without TV and other unnecessary wants, and I now get the honor of being attacked constantly for being a “successful” and “privileged” person who needs to pay more taxes so others can live off the government. No thanks. Most know my wife is now a doctor, and she’s still driving an older Subaru that’s paid off and we live in an 1800 sq ft house. Personal choices and personal responsibility, not the decay of western civilization found in Socialism. Thanks.