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Free Speech – Unless..

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The NFL.  Where athletes can beat and rape women, commit any number of other offenses, and disparage our nation as a whole and seldom miss any playing time (unless there’s a video)…..but unpopular emails can get you fired and banned from society.  I guess it goes hand in hand with the BLM movement they’ve buddied up with, where they make heroes out of criminals and demonize the majority of good cops over the handful of bad.  Might as well throw in their allegiance with feminists pushing themselves into the league too.  If it’s not too late, make Bubba Wallace and his FBI worthy pulley cord an announcer.  I just want to watch a damn football game without these Commies pushing their social justice bullshit every few seconds.  Thanks. 

PS.  I’m not defending Gruden, mainly because he should have been smart enough to not send anything over a work email.  I’m simply pointing out the extreme double standards coming from the Marxist class/race/sex warfare agendas that’s wrongfully dividing the country and ruining everything from sports to education.  I don’t support any divisive agendas like modern feminism or liberalism, BLM or any other race baiters, LGBT or any other letter or mathematical sign, etc.  That doesn’t mean I hate anyone or that I’m whatever demonizing attack I’m about to get, but rather that I’m for freedom over tyranny.  #LetsGoBrandon

By Brian Savilla