Standing Up For America

Friendly reminder to think before you act

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Friendly reminder to think before you act:Authoritarian governments have killed more people than private citizens, guns rolling out of the house at 2 am for nefarious reasons, all religious wars, the weather, and every other thing we often hear about…..combined. Before you seize the opportunity to give away your freedoms for what you believe to be protection, learn how the dangers far outweigh the false gains. Oh, and the most dangerous places in America are the ones with the strictest gun laws in place already. If you truly care about your children, your communities, or yourselves…..limit government instead of your fellow citizens. PS. Mao Zedong’s Communist government killed approximately 45 million people in just 4 years during his “Great Leap Forward” campaign. The worst atrocities always have the best propaganda names and reasons for why they need to be done. Such as how “Build Back Better” is bankrupting the middle class and the push to take our rights is said to save the lives of children who are soft targets in mandated gun free zones. There’s a difference between us and them. I truly believe that most people, regardless of political affiliation, have it in their hearts that they’re doing what’s best for others. On the contrary, the politicians taking advantage of those hearts are doing so for their own corrupt benefit. Return the power to the hearts of the people by limiting the pocketbooks and power of the ruling elite. Thanks 😊 PPS. Don’t forget to look at the bigger picture, such as how our nation is being purposely divided, our wealth is being fleeced, and how those pulling the strings are getting everyone to point the finger at anyone but themselves. Oh, and Jesus is greater than all of our problems and is the narrow pathway to salvation. Focusing on Him will help you be able to see through the problems of this world, and it’ll help you see the repetitious patterns the Devil uses against us. I don’t know or predict what is happening because of something about me, but rather because the calmer and more focused on Jesus that I become, the clearer life is. I recommend trying it 🙏