The Great Election Day Heist

or How Biden (almost) stole the White House

I think the best part of heist movies is when the thief looks their soon-to-be victim in the eye and reveals their plan to rob them. Of course, the victim assumes they’re bluffing! There is no way anyone would admit to such a bold and daring caper. Yet, when they get away with the seemingly impossible crime, we cheer!

I think the worst part of this election was when Joe Biden looked the American people in the eye and revealed his plan to steal the election. We assumed it was a gaff. He’s old! There is no way he just admitted to such a brazen and disgusting crime. Yet, when he seems to be getting away with it, the media yawns, and Americans groan!

Despite what the ‘fact-checkers’ gas-lighting to the contrary, here are the actual words from Mr. Biden himself:

Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration — President Obama’s administration before this — we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION in the history of American politics.

 “I DON’T NEED YOU TO GET ME ELECTED. I need you once I’m elected.” What does that mean other than he knows he has the election in the bag? Did I say bag? Like, say mail bags? More on that later.

Sure, he’s old. We know he had a brain aneurysm in 1988 and has atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation. He often forgets where he is, wanders around on stage and off camera mumbling to himself, calls people by the wrong name, and speaks in impossible sentences with nonsensical words. So maybe those comments were just brain farts, or word salad that didn’t mean anything.

It’s not okay for the potential leader of the free world to ramble out disconnected words.

But what if it’s not a jumbled word salad. What if the error was in revealing his team’s daring plan to heist the election of 2020? What if the alphabet media was in on it – or at least cheering it on.

How else do you explain their belief in a “Blue Wave” sweeping over the country in spite of:

  • Historic and mass exodus from the Democrat Party, thanks to movements like #BLEXIT and #WALKAWAY
  • Candidate Joe Biden hiding in his basement,
  • Shutting down his campaign for days at a time,
  • Record LOW turn-out to Biden campaign ‘rallies’
  • Being tight-lipped about important policies when asked
  • Hiding again when news of he and his son’s possible foreign criminal activity came to light

Heist Cliche # 1: The Mark / Prize

The American public is the mark. The prize is the White House

Heist Cliche #2: ‘Righteous Cause’

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, the left in this country, and the DC Swamp — has taken is as their Jihad to “resist”, personally destroy, impeach, and in some deviant cases, wish for his death or beheading. And when they weren’t focused directly on President Trump, they were gunning for those who worked for him (and the American public).

As bad as they feel about Trump, they despise anyone who voted for him, even more. You can hear them spit out their venomous insults every night on ‘comedy’ tv.

To these people, stealing an election away from the American people was the ‘righteous’ thing to do.

Heist Cliche #3: Arrogant Front Man

Joe Biden has been skulking around the shadows of politics for 48 years. He’s a perfect mix of being a recognizable name, but having nothing to brag about. He’s ran for President two previous times, but had to quit in shame due to one scandal or another. I guess his handlers feel enough time has passed that either it’s been forgotten or those who remember are dead.

Heist Cliche #4: The Intricate Plan

A good movie heist plan is impossibly convoluted and full of what seems like lucky accidents. This one is no different.

  1. Hide your Candidate
    In a move that only makes sense if your candidate is a liability, Biden’s handlers hid him away from voters – especially when questions about his son came up. And when no one attended his few rallies, blame COVID19.
  2. Massive Negativity Campaign
    President Donald Trump received 24/7 national coverage like most presidents. However, unlike other presidents, his coverage was overall negative. Even good news like jobs reports and a growing economy were twisted as negative.
  3. Mail-in Voting
    Democrats have had record low turnouts in the past few presidential elections. They decided to overcome this by creating millions of mail-in ballots and mailing them out – in spite of existing election laws. If you complained, you were called a racist and you wanted to suppress the vote.
  4. COVID-19 – The China Virus!
    This was one of those lucky accidents. Right or wrong, lockdowns happened. This gave Democrats their cover for the mailing ballots. You could loot and riot en mass, you could even shop crowded stores, but life would end as we know it if we stood in lines to vote!
  5. Sharpie Gate
    In some districts (predominately, Republican), poll workers handed out sharpies to voters to fill in their ballots. The trouble is, the instructions on the back of the ballot state if the ink bleeds through to the other side of the ballot, the machine can’t read it. Some news outlets wrongly report this has been debunked. If you were a district with limited funds, which would you hand out – cheap ink pens or expensive Sharpies?
    It’s a fact, workers handed out sharpies.
    It’s a fact, the instructions on the ballot say do not use markers that can bleed through.
    It’s a fact, people reported their ballots were not being read by the machines.
    The only thing close to debunking the story comes from officials saying, “No, no… we count them. Later!” Uh, huh.
  6. Zombie Voters
    This happens in every election. But hey! Dead people are a solid, trustworthy voting block. Maybe this election has everyone looking closer, but it seems more blatant stories of dead people voting democrat are coming out.
  7. Destroy Ballots
    Story after story – most with photographic evidence and named witnesses and locations, ballots were found in the garbage or side of the road. Other stories came out about ‘ballot harvesting’ where operatives went around ‘helping’ shut-ins by collecting their ballots. If they were for the wrong party, they were discarded.
  8. Stop the Count!
    In Democrat strongholds, ballot-counting abruptly stopped late into the night. Why? No one knows. No one is saying. But the count was stopped and counters were sent home.
  9. Bring in the Ballots!
    In the dead of night, with prying eyes out of the way, ballots were brought in coolers, wagons, and overstuffed suitcases. Suddenly, Biden’s numbers skyrocketed ahead of Trump! This, when the ballot counters had gone home.
  10. Stop the Count (part 2)
    Days after the election a few Democrat states leaning toward Trump have shut down the vote count — indefinitely! What would cause them to make such an unprecedented move? Except maybe to demoralize the country, stall for time, and force this into the courts where they can lean on a liberal-leaning judge who might GIVE them the election since they can’t win it any other way.

Heist Cliche #5: Inside Man

The media is the inside man on this heist. They have been running cover for the Biden Heist Team for months. They excused his basement hiding and avoided any unpleasant news. On election night, they called states quickly for Biden with less than 1% of the count in. But with 99% of the count in, they refused to call swing states for Trump.

Whatever the Biden Heist Team does, it will be praised. Whatever the Trump Administration does, it will be demonized.

We must also add Social Media giants to the Heist Team. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others are censoring stories and ads that make Trump look good or Biden look bad. Not content to paste labels such as, “Missing Context” or “Only Partially True” on posts, they are banning respected News outlets and conservative voices who dare not follow Democrat approved talking points.

Heist Cliche #6: The Backup Plan

And if all else fails and attempts to stop the counting of illegal/fraudulent ballots works or President Trump’s numbers were just THAT GOOD it beat every attempt to steal the election, they have one last gambit.

They will accuse Trump of what they did themselves. They will say he stole the election (like they ALWAYS accuse Republicans of), call him illegitimate (as they have for four years), and resist, resist, resist.

Fortunately, Republicans picked up seats in both the House and Senate and will be able to focus on repairing the damage these criminals have done to the country.

Hopefully, this heist story will not end with the bad guys getting anything they hoped for.

…or a sequel.

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