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Frank Lee

Frank Lee

Francis Benedict Lee is our founder and senior editor. That means he’s old. But he’s “not too old to woop your ass”, so he keeps telling Tommy whenever he finds him at his desk stealing pencils. He likes to chew on them.

Frank, not Tommy. Tommy is a writer. But then, he mostly writes on his iPAD, so we aren’t really sure WHAT he uses the pencils for
[Editor’s Note] Look up at the ceiling over his desk!

His interests are classical music, Corgi dogs, short walks, watching M*A*S*H reruns and cooking. If it’s not obvious, he’s single, ladies!!!

Guff Twaddle

Guff Twaddle
Guff Twaddle, Editor

Gustafson “Guff” Twaddle has worn many ill-fitting hats in his career. He says being Editor-In-Chief of The Liar’s Lair is his most rewarding …even if it is the least he’s ever been paid to do a job.

We are mostly proud to have him on our team. He brings in the best donuts, every Thursday! Don’t ask about Mondays.

Seriously, who eats Bagels and cold Vienna Sausages for Breakfast? Besides, Guff, that is.

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