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Hate is not fixing any of our problems

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Brian Savilla

 · Warning: This contains independent thought and logic that surrounds an extremely sensitive subject. Enjoy. It’s that wonderful time of year again where we take someone from history, glorify his name for political and emotional gain, and then ignore literally everything good he did and said to instead push race and class warfare.

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”…..has been replaced with blindly judging people based on their skin color, demonizing non-liberal whites (Democrats are apparently incapable of racism), and a series of actions and policies that are entirely meant to keep people divided and enabled.Of course, I’m talking about how far too many politicians are lowering the bar for Blacks (eliminating educational standards and inflating their standing with higher education), media and politicians are continuously hyping racial divisions (especially with law enforcement), and for generations now have targeted them through government entitlements that are aimed at creating dependence and destroying the family unit.

Since his murder, inner cities have been run by the same people who use MLK’s name but not his teachings; allowing crime to flourish, schools to decay, economic opportunities to be extinguished, and keeping the anger, fear, and hate alive that keep themselves elected. If I’m wrong about any of this, please explain how instead of getting angry and repeating learned attacks. Have inner cities not been ran by Democrats (many of whom are Black) for over 60 years? Have their schools and families not continued to struggle, even in spite of the nearly endless government programs and handouts? Has poverty, drugs, and crime not continued to plague them with the same government leadership and involvement? Did the Socialist utopia of Detroit not implode socially and economically like every other such historical lesson we continue to ignore?

It’s not like I’m avoiding specific topics, so it should be easy to correct me if I’m wrong, again rather than just getting upset that I dare talk about sensitive subjects. If you truly want to “end racism”, “stop hate”, or anything else you’ll find on a football helmet or other random tagline….then you’ll stop playing the Marxist games that are created to keep us divided and distracted.

Following politicians and those in entertainment (who are ironically white in many cases) that spread lies, fear, division, and hate is not fixing any of our problems. Believing them that anything and anyone they disagree with is racist and that our biggest problems are based around “white supremacy” are perfect examples. Wanting more failed government involvement and control is another mistake as well. What made Trump so successful within our country and inner cities was that he opened up opportunities for citizens to help themselves, specifically by returning money to the people rather than creating more dependence with it. Instead of demonizing him, lets learn from him economically and MLK socially so that we can fix our problems rather than purposely prolonging them.

Thanks and have a blessed day!