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Hey, Liberal Media.

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Hey, Liberal Media.  How exactly is looting and burning businesses in heavily Black cities beneficial to anyone?  Of course, other than for the criminals who come from all over to partake in the festivities and get their stolen big screen of justice.  I ask because of the ridiculous articles from the Marxists amongst us that I keep seeing which are claiming it’s now okay to shoot these innocent, peaceful people that are simply unifying with the BLM movement, as well as calling felons “heroes” for attacking an innocent kid and a litany of others who were trying to protect theirs or other peoples property and lives.  

Also, since we’re on the subject, what good has come from BLM?  Of course, aside from their leaders getting rich and buying houses in upscale areas away from the urban decay they’re promulgating.  In case you haven’t noticed yet, Marxist class and race warfare does nothing but divide and destroy society, while making the puppet masters rich.  But hey, the Democrats got re-elected in those BLM areas that they’ve controlled for a minimum of 60 years, so at least there’s that.  Let’s go ahead and ignore all that and just continue to point the finger at invisible “white supremacists” and “evil corporations”, while blindly supporting those pushing racial divides and getting rich off their corrupt ties to numerous corporations.  Pure insanity.  

Lastly, while they continue to distract us with Marxist class and race warfare, we’re being robbed blind by those pointing the finger at a teenager and demonizing anyone else in their path.  Do you know any of the specifics to what they’re spending roughly $3.5 trillion on in a matter of weeks?  Not the catchy, feel good titles…..but where it’s actually going.  Do you know exactly how they’re fighting the “climate” and “racism” with larger government and giving their corrupt business partners around the world our money?  The most frustrating part of teaching and politics is when people emphatically and passionately regurgitate the boilerplate talking points they’re constantly indoctrinated with…..but then can’t factually defend themselves in the slightest and far too often get emotional at those like me who ask simple questions.  If you can’t answer the questions don’t get mad at me, but rather point your frustrations towards those who filled your heads full of lies.  Thank you in advance 😊

Brian Savilla