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I don’t get mad at them for being different

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Brian Savilla

 · I know I probably shouldn’t be this way, but I truly enjoy social experiments. I say certain things to see how people react, and I avoid subjects that people make assumptions about to see what they assume about me. Occasionally this runs me across some sensitive subjects and people, but never in all my years of teaching, politics, and just everyday living have I ran across a subject so emotional as the v a d and the j i b (trying to avoid the dreaded Facebook algorithms).

I’ve had people from both sides of the spectrum get mad at me; some even going as far as abolishing me from their lives because of nothing more than their own fear, anger, and assumptions. Only a handful of extremely close friends know my true thoughts on this topic, as well as whether I’ve gotten the j i b or not. I’ve purposely chosen to remain silent because there’s no winning with a subject people are irrationally emotional about (fear, anger, hate, whatever).

Rather than simply asking questions, digging deeper into someone’s reasoning, or stating the factual reasoning behind their own beliefs…..they just make assumptions and/or let their emotions take control. Running a close second is a toss up between peoples feelings on Trump and the lgbt stuff, but even those often irrational subjects don’t come close. As always, I don’t care what people think about any issue, as long as they are thinking in general and not hating those who disagree. I have friends from all walks of life, of whom many that disagree with nearly everything I believe, but we still love each other and have a great time when we’re together. I even have a couple friends that are outright Communists, one of which I play chess with every time we’re together, while also never holding back our thoughts. It’s really not that difficult to do. So, stop being angry about various issues, learn how to voice your opinions while listening to the other side, and peacefully have disagreements. Also, ask more questions. It’s a great way to learn instead of assuming. Thanks 😊

PS. I let myself get close with nearly everyone I meet (I’ve been described as a puppy wanting to show people a new toy), so it does bother me when friends quit talking to me over disagreements. I won’t stop being me because some people can’t handle my passions for politics, education, and religion…..and I don’t expect anyone else to change for me either. One of the most interesting things to me about all this though is that the “tolerant, loving, accepting” people from across the spectrum who have been angry at me for thinking differently than them, never quite notice the fact that I don’t get mad at them for being different than me. In other words, practice what you preach.