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I wish I was wrong about all this

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I find it rather interesting that the company which paid the largest criminal fine in US history, was factually caught just recently trying to influence the FBI into targeting their political enemies, and who spend more money than any one company on influencing politicians and the public… recommending criminal charges for those who disagree with specific products of theirs. Yes, the same “Big Pharma” companies that we were once told to blame for numerous problems in our society, who have been repeatedly caught having corrupt ties to agencies like the FDA, and who have paid billions in fines (chump change to what they’ve made from their corruption and illegal activities) are now virtually untouchable thanks to the Media and their owned politicians.

To go along with that, roughly half of surveyed Democrats are now in favor of punishments (including prison and concentration camps) for people who disagree with their beliefs as well. Of course, their leaders in education, politics, and the media have been constantly spewing fearful boilerplate messages and attacks that have people scared there’s “an attack on Democracy”, voting rights are being stolen by having Voter ID (when ironically they have more ID restrictions now than ever), and that things like the Filibuster are now “dangerous to Democracy”. In other words, if you don’t support their ambitions of a simple majority takeover of every part of our country, then you’re a danger to Democracy…..otherwise known as a danger to their power.

To clarify something ironically simple, we’re not a Democracy. Whether it’s a Direct or Representative Democracy, they both run on simple majority rule. Our country is a Republic for just that reason. We have numerous protections against simple majority rule, including the need for super majorities (anywhere from 60% to 75% of Congress) to pass numerous measures, Constitutional Amendments, and even stop a Filibuster. As I’ve said and will continue to say, Democrats are a “danger to our Republic” with their pushes to make us a Democracy and their desires to concentrate power in the Federal Government. They’re openly against our 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 10th Amendments already, they’re fighting to remove the Filibuster, they’re fighting to eliminate States Rights on elections, they’re using numerous government agencies to target citizens while exacerbating other problems like illegal immigration (secret flights moving illegals throughout the country), and numerous other blatantly obvious attacks against our Nation.

I wish I was wrong about all this, that some Liberal or Democrat could show anything revolving around a fact to prove me wrong, and that we didn’t have people within our Nation hellbent on harming it for their own benefit…..but I’m not wrong, and as we will continue to see, those blindly and knowingly fighting for our enemies will just spew more of the same boilerplate attacks they’ve been indoctrinated with for years now. Democracy, conspiracy theorist, racist, sexist, phobic, Nazi, Fascist, etc. They’re all just empty and ignorant attacks that have no true meaning, but are instead aimed at destroying the conversation and demonizing/dehumanizing anyone who dares disagree with them.

On a positive note, we do have good people and places in our Nation. We have States like Florida, Texas, and Indiana that have strong laws and economies. We have more people like DeSantis stepping up in leadership roles. We even have a couple Democrats showing a backbone for the first time in their careers, who are fighting against the Marxists in their own party. I am an extremely happy, positive, and optimistic person who simply sees the good and bad around us. I don’t want people to be angry or upset, but rather to just see and acknowledge that there are people who are trying to harm us and our Nation, and that we do have better options out there. We’re either going to continue to head down the destructive road that we know the outcome to (California, New York, Illinois, Detroit, etc)…..or we’re going to prolong our Republic and hopefully be the bastion of Liberty that God blessed us to be. It’s your choice, so choose wisely.

God bless and have an amazing day.

PS. When I say “Marxists”, I am not attacking anyone, considering it’s a factual political and social belief system that far too many in our society and government follow. Social Justice is 100% a Marxist ideology. Socialism is 100% a Marxist ideology. Even the Communism that insanely has growing support is 100% Marxist. No, they’re not some new ideas that “haven’t been tried properly”, but rather failed ideas that somehow overtake peoples minds time and time again. It’s a plague on this world that has lead to nothing but death and destruction since its first full takeover in 1917. There is literally nothing good about it, and I’ll gladly enlighten anyone’s day who thinks differently 😊