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Inflation again…

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Inflation that’s leading to hyperinflation, devaluation of our purchasing power, increased taxation on all of us, an ever increasing welfare state that drives down labor participation, artificially inflated wages that lead to automation and/or businesses to fail, a severely weakened military that’s more focused on finding emotionally disturbed people than soldiers and putting political progressives into leadership, emboldened enemies that are going completely unchecked, and an open border that’s allowing illegals, drug cartels, human trafficking, and diseases to pour into our country.  Of course, let us not forget that inner cities are still continuing their 60’s years of decay, crime in those same areas is rampant, our education system inversely gets worse with the more money and power the federal government gets, and nearly all the problems that have been created by corrupt politicians still exist…..while people still insanely vote for the empty promises.  

Yeah, tell me again why voting for Democrats and progressive Republicans is a good idea?  Better yet, tell me how things are better with Trump gone?  While people continue to fall for the emotional, moral, financial, and political decay that comes from the numerous Marxist cultural revolutions going on (LGBT, Social Justice, class and race warfare, climate change/crisis, etc)…..the powers that be are actively destroying our Republic and way of life.  Sadly, it’ll take far more than unaffordable products before millions ever notice, if they ever do at all (considering they’ve been conditioned to hate the rich if they can’t afford something).  Dictatorships of the past were cheered on by millions, even as those around them died.  That’s why I so frequently warn against the dehumanizing attacks that come from the Marxist indoctrination happening throughout our country and the world (especially in our media and schools).  Wake up.

By Brian Savilla