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Just a smidgen of hypocrisy

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On this most sacred of anniversaries for the Media and Democrats, I can’t help but notice that there’s just a smidgen of hypocrisy going on.  To be direct, I don’t agree with what happened at this time last year…..but I also don’t agree with the destructive “peaceful protests” in various cities over the past 5 plus years, the watering down of our judicial system (eliminating bail, releasing criminals, making excuses for rioters, activist judges), the years and millions of taxpayer dollars we wasted on “Russia”, the false wars on white supremacy and extremism, the gaslighting of anyone who dares question them as conspiracy theorists, nor the obliteration of our borders. 

The cherry on top of those facts is that Biden and his DOJ are blatantly covering for those in high society that they know were involved with Epstein.  As long as you hate the one person who has stood in their way for at least the past 30 years, then it’s all okay, right?  While they celebrate their Reichstag Fire, I propose the rest of us not fall into these historical traps.  Thanks in advance