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Killing people with words

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Brian Savilla

  People upset with a podcast host talking to actual scientists and professionals, while also accusing him of literally killing people with words…..while politicians wrongfully did lockdowns and other abuses of power that actually did destroy lives, and their media allies demonized anyone who dared to question anything. Their abusive actions directly lead to the loss of jobs, wages, sanity, and even lives. Drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and suicide all increased as a result of their actions, but somehow people are still so blind as to be more upset with one person who has no impact on their lives whatsoever than the politicians who continuously screw them year after year. Inflation stealing our purchasing power and wealth, open borders that bring in drugs and diseases, spending untold amounts of money on secretly shipping illegals throughout our country, starting international unrest through weakness, etc etc etc…..

I know my words won’t change much if anything, but I enjoy venting my thoughts rather than just holding them in. I’m also trying to keep myself sharp for when I run for office in a few years. Best of all, I enjoy starting debates and getting people fired up. 😇 Of course, it’s been difficult to find debates lately since even my leftist friends are having a difficult time defending their authoritarian rulers actions. What’s frustrating with that is even though they’re starting to see how destructive the Marxist leaders are, they’ll refuse to do anything about it because of a ridiculous loyalty to a Party name that means absolutely nothing in the real world. It’s just a brand that corrupt politicians hide behind and gutlessly follow to keep themselves elected. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, AOC, Sanders, and the rest aren’t “Democrats”, but rather downright evil people who want to fleece our wealth and destroy our Republic. The same goes with McConnell, Cheney, and the rest who claim to be “Republican”. They’re frauds who pit us against each other while they do their damage without fear of repercussions. Stop falling for it and voting the same assholes in every time. Thanks 😊

PS. I also find it amusing that I started seeing how many “friends” I lose each time I post. Usually around 5 per rant. I know, I need to up that number to keep up with inflation. I’ll work harder 😊