Liar of the Day

Liar of the Day: Gov. Cuomo

Did President Donald Trump do a great job during the Covid19 scare or a horrible job causing the death of thousands? It depends on who you ask.

In the case of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, it depends what day you ask him.

During the crisis, Cuomo publically told Howard Stern, “His [President Trump’s) team is on it. They’ve been responsive. I want to say thank you! He has delivered for New York. He has!”

Today Governor Flippity Flop said this, “I hold him [President Trump] I attribute[ed]… all the deaths in New York state [to him] because New York state had that big burst because it came from Europe and not China,” Cuomo said. “They never did a European travel ban (until mid-March) because he was lying to the American people.”

Now, we love a good lie at the Liar’s Lair. However, it is important to give credit where credit is due. Either Trump was a God-send for New York by providing Medical Supplies and Medical Naval Ships or Trump is responsible for 100% of all deaths in New York. Therefore, we believe Governor Cuomo deserves the Liar of the Day award.

Tell me again, who put Covid19 patients in with susceptible nursing home patients and caused so many needless deaths? Oh, yeah. That was Gov. Cuomo. Did he forget about the medical Naval ships Trump sent? NY hospitals weren’t even at capacity. read all about it or here

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