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Liar of the Day: Joe Biden

There’s an old joke, “How can you tell when a politician is lying?” Answer, “When he’s moving his lips.”

It turns out that joke is exactly 47 years old. Ironically enough, that’s how long Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has been in office. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

Joe Biden has always had a problem telling the truth. Some of the more notable lies include plagiarizing his speeches in 1988 or being accused by his own 2020 Presidential running mate of sexual harassment, trying to have it both ways as his campaign comes to an end, and the embarrassing, potentially criminal activities with his son, Hunter Biden.

“I never said I opposed fracking” Well, yes you did.
And here’s the “tape” you asked for.

“There is no evidence that when you raise the minimum wage, businesses go out of business. That is simply not true.” Yes, there is and yes it is.

He has repeated debunked lies about President Donald Trump and invented a few of his own. I guess that’s easier than defending your own criminal record.

However, the biggest lie might just be that after 47 years in public service with no achievements to point to, Joe Biden now insists he’s the guy to ‘fix’ everything.


Fact Check: Biden Tells Biggest Lie of the Night, Maybe the Entire Election

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