Liar of the Day

Liar of the Day: Leslie Stahl

The New York Times called 60 Minutes, “one of the most esteemed news magazines on American television”. President Trump called it too long… and got up to leave. But not before turning the tables and proving Leslie Stahl is the Liar of the Day.

To be honest, it wasn’t so much of an interview as it was yet another journalist who wanted to debate Trump because Joe Biden can’t.

“Are you ready for some tough questions?” Asked Ms. Stahl. To which Trump said, “Yeah.”

Leslie Stahl: Why do you want to be president again?
President Trump: Because we’ve done a great job and We created the greatest economy in the history of our country-
Leslie Stahl: That’s not true!
President Trump: It is totally true.
Leslie Stahl: No, it’s not! And you’re a poopy head!

She then asked him what his highest priority was for his next four years and he provided a few.

Leslie Stahl: I ASKED you what your SINGLE biggest priority was!
[Editor’s Note: I promise on all that’s holy, THAT was a quote.]

Then there was an interruption from someone on the side complaining about a VENT blowing AIR.

Speaker 1: His hair’s coming down a little bit.
Donald Trump: It doesn’t look nice blowing in the wind?
Lesley Stahl: No, it’s distracting. I can see it.

[Editor’s Note: Again… We’re NOT making that up!]

Leslie Stahl lied early on with the comment, “I’m not going to fact check you.” Then proceeded to do just that. Call me old-fashioned, but an interviewer is supposed to ask questions and report the answers.

When Trump answered questions about the pandemic, foreign policy, the economy, unemployment, suburban women, rallies, masks, healthcare, etc. Leslie constantly interrupted the President and told him he was WRONG!

That’s not true! No! No! No! Sir, excuse me. I know what you are! What do you say? You used to have bigger rallies. I’m not asking about the size of your rallies. Tell me about the masks! What about the masks? I’m asking you about the masks. How? How? How? How? Yeah, you keep saying that! No! You need this! Come on!

And so on… sigh! She knows so much that she can correct every little answer he gave. But it seems her brain shut off halfway through the interview.

When Trump mentioned Joe Biden and his son being in the midst of a scandal, Leslie LIED, and feigned ignorance, “He’s not. He’s NOT! There’s no real evidence of that!”

Now, if this were your babysitter or clerk at the grocery store MAYBE they might not know about a political scandal surrounding one of the two Presidential Candidates. But this is a professional, political ‘journalist’ on one of the most prestigious news shows on television.

The funny thing is she mentions, “The laptop” right after saying there was “no evidence”. Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

As Trump walked out of his interview he announced he’d likely prement CBS by sharing a clip of the interview to prove it was a hit job. Which he did. CBS, in turn preempted their OWN interview and released a clip to prove… that yeah, it was a hit job.

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