Liar of the Day

Liar of the Day: Mainstream News

But, that's not news to us.

Nobody won on Election Night. Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats. Not our vote counting groups. Not America. And certainly not anyone in the mainstream news media – print, radio or television.

They got it wrong. They all got it very very wrong. Not one of the polls, pundits, experts or talking heads got any of this right.

There wasn’t a Blue Wave. There wasn’t a Red Wave.

And after investigating President Trump for 3.5 years over nothing, there was no HINT of a scandal surrounding Joe Biden and his son. You’d think that if you only watched MSNBC, CNN or most nightly news programs.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) weren’t censoring conservative voices, conservative ads, and the President, himself in favor of their choice of presidential candidate. Nobody investigated or covered that huge story and what should have been considered huge campaign donations.

The news media couldn’t report on one bit of positive news about Trump, but if they gave it 2 seconds, they’d cover it as a negative. Whereas Biden could do no wrong — even when he’s brain-farting nonsensical words and forgetting where he was.

The media is still not bothering to hide their agenda. With <1% of precincts reporting, and the count in favor of Trump, they called it for …you guess it, BIDEN. And precincts reporting 99% counting completed and in favor of Trump, they couldn’t be bothered to call it for him.

And with polling areas controlled by Democrat leaders that are leaning for Trump, they still refuse to call it for him.

This may be the Liar’s Lair, but we’ll put our reporting over their example, any day. They all win the Liar of the Day!

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