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Liar of the Day: Pat Robinson

To be honest, I thought Pat Robinson was dead. And I would have bet the 700 Club tv show died after Jim and Tammy Baker crashed and burned.

I’d have lost that bet!

Tuesday, on the how-is-this-show-still-on-the-air 700 Club TV, “evangelist” (for profit) Pat Robertson offered this loving bit of bile. Robertson says God TOLD HIM President Trump will be reelected!

Okay… That’s a nice bit of news for his conservative audien–


Umm… WHAT?!

“…after Trump is sworn in, we’re going to see civic disobedience in America that will just be mind-boggling.” He said the Chinese, Russians and ALIENS* would get involved, and then it would REALLY hit the fan. He then quoted some Bible passage out of context to ensure granny gets scared enough to sign over half her Social Security check to the 700 club (how is this still a thing?)

* I lied about the aliens, HE lied about everything else

Based on PR’s other failed prophecies, the next president will be Cactus Pete!

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