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Life lesson of the year

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Life lesson of the year, decade, millennium, etc:

Never believe anyone that has to demonize or vilify someone else rather than standing on their own accomplishments or ideas, as well as speaks in extremely vague generalities or impossibilities.

Biden, Harris, the Media and many others have spent the last two years blaming a virus from a foreign lab (that those who funded and helped create are getting away with) on an innocent man, attacking his every move, attributing every death to, and claiming they had all the right answers for.  11 months later…..Biden says he has no solutions for the problems he said Trump should have been able to solve, and instead pushed it all down the road onto the governors.  Sooooo, is he and everyone else who demonized Trump and promised us the world going to apologize for their numerous lies and blatantly evil attacks?

Granted, I agree with this and nearly everything else being locally handled, but that’s not the point.  Many continue to let themselves be manipulated by those who play upon their emotions and spread fear, division, greed, lies, etc.  They’re also blindly hating people they know little to nothing about and who have even less impact on their daily lives.

  Sadly, history shows us that these two groups (power hungry and their subjects) will always exist.  I’m just on my continuing mission to educate those capable of being educated, and trying to keep enough people aware enough to hopefully prolong our Republic from falling into the repetitive failures of history.

Love everyone, don’t put your trust in politicians who say they’re going to fix our personal or local problems, and especially don’t believe anyone who has to destroy someone else to make themselves seem better. 

I love you all and have a blessed New Year.