Marriage Made in Heaven

After many lonely years in heaven, a man finally found his soul mate. He and his angelic bride-to-be asked St. Peter if they could get married.

“It’s a very unusual request, but I will grant it.”

The heavenly couple were thrilled, but St. Peter held up his celestial hand.
“You will have to be patient while I search for a minister to perform the ceremony. Angels are not permitted to so such things. I will come to you when I find a preacher.”

They left happy, thinking they would soon be wed.

1,000 years later, St. Peter found the couple under a golden, glistening Willow tree completely lost in each others eyes.

“My children, I have found a preacher! You may now, wed!”

Many months later, however, the couple approached St. Peter again with sad news. They realized they were not compatible, after all. Oh, they love each other with a love only known in Heaven, of course… but they no longer wanted the burden of marriage to mar their time in heaven.

St. Peter lowered his head in disappointment. “My dear, sweet children, I am very sorry you feel this way. But this time, I will not be able to accommodate your desire”

The couple pleaded and begged to be released from their disappointing match — LITERALLY made in heaven.

St. Peter sighed and held up his hand once again and explained. “It took me one thousand years to find a PREACHER in Heaven!! How do you think I’ll ever be able to find a lawyer!?”

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