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Marxism (Communism, Socialism, Social Justice modern Liberalism, etc

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Marxism (Communism, Socialism, Social Justice modern Liberalism, etc) is not only a disease upon society, but it infects the mind, body, and soul of everyone who believes in or is impacted by it. I say believe because it takes a substantial amount of faith to believe in an ideology that has failed in every aspect throughout its entire history.

God is the antithesis of that destructive religion. Our Christian nation has lead more people to a better life than any nation before it because we instilled the Biblical principles of free will, personal responsibility, discipline, and charity into our society. The farther we continue to move from those foundations, the worse things will continue to get.

It’s easy to see the extreme differences of these ideologies by simply traveling. If you want to see relative peace and stability, go to the Midwest which is still deeply rooted in our Christian foundations. If you want to ironically see Starbucks having to close down because the cities they helped create are too dangerous, go to the West Coast or any liberal city. But yet after all the blatantly obvious failures of the Marxist mindset, it’s being churned out of our education system at a destructively high rate. Sadly, they will continue to get away with such atrocities because history has repeatedly shown that good times breed apathy and weakness.

I will continue to teach and preach, regardless of how bad things get. God didn’t create me to be a quitter, and I pray that His people stand up and do what’s right to protect the blessings He has bestowed upon us. God gave us perfect examples to follow with His son and the disciples. They didn’t sit quietly and accept things as they were, but instead joyously and firmly taught and preached to those who would listen. I know things will be better in Heaven, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore our duties here as we selfishly sit and wait for death and destruction to engulf those around us. Do something good. Thanks.