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More bread and circuses for the mob 

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I’m still peeved from all the rubbish yesterday.  I mean, just take a step back and realize that the very same people who created the predatory loans and outrageous education costs to begin with…..are now being celebrated because they screwed taxpayers and responsible citizens by stealing from them twice to fix the problem they freaking created.  And not only that, but the same people cheering on the insanity are going to go vote for these liars and thiefs again and again.  It’s like watching people on the Titanic cheering on the iceberg because it’s got “free shit inside” painted all over it.  

It’s just astounding to me how uneducated and miseducated so many people are.  They truly think they deserve and are entitled to the fruits of other’s labor, that politicians stealing from others to give to them is somehow righteous, that those committing such soulless acts truly care about them, and that sending 150,000 IRS agents after small businesses and the rest of us is a good thing.  That doesn’t even include how the now 15-20 years of ludicrous spending, debt, and government expansion into our lives is going to sooner than later devastate our economy and nation…..but the loyal army of dependents cheer on more spending, taxation, abuse of power, and every other destructive act as long as they believe they’re directly benefiting.  It’s sickening and I hate watching the greatest nation to ever exist be destroyed by the most ignorant people who’ve ever walked the Earth.  Never has so much freedom, technology, and information been wasted on such a misguided and blind group of people.  More bread and circuses for the mob 🤦‍♂️