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My conversation with Tucker Carlson

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Tulsi Gabbard

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My conversation with Tucker Carlson – like you’ve never seen him before

We talk about life, death, power, the CIA, the end of journalism and so much more.

Tulsi Gabbard

Dec 12


Once upon a time, integrity was expected of all journalists. Unbiased. Reporting the facts. Providing different sides to a story. If the journalist wanted to express their own opinions, it would be labeled as an op-ed. One of the reasons our press was originally granted such robust constitutional protections, was so they could provide a necessary check on those in power without fear of repercussion. They would serve as the watchful eye on our leaders and work to expose corruption. Report the truth – no matter how powerful the subject. They would operate outside the system and be an entirely separate entity that works in the interest of the public, not those in power. 

But today? That’s rarely the case. Rather than operate outside the establishment, they’ve become part of it.

This could explain why a recent Gallup poll shows only 7% of Americans have “a great deal” of trust and confidence in our news media. 

This cozy relationship between so-called journalists within the permanent Washington establishment — politicians, bureaucrats, the military industrial complex — poses a dangerous threat to our democratic republic. Subscribe

In order for us as voters to make informed decisions, we must be able to trust honest journalists who report the facts and tell the whole story — not just push the propaganda or narrative that their friends in government want us to believe. When the most powerful media organizations promote uniformity of thought and vilify those who ask questions, it has a chilling effect on our freedom of speech, and undermines a truly free press.  

Tucker Carlson is someone who asks a lot of questions, exposes some of the most powerful people in Washington, and pisses off people in Washington from both political parties. As a result, he’s always got a target on his back coming from those who try to silence him.

In our conversation that is premiering on YouTube on Tuesday, December 13th at 9am EST, you’ll see Tucker like never before. We talk about the power of the national security state, how Tucker almost joined the CIA, and go deep, talking about the temporary nature of life, the reality of death, and finding peace in God’s love.

Join me — I’ll be there at 9:00 am ET leading a live reaction chat on YouTube Premiere with subscribers as it airs.

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