Standing Up For America

Not what you thought

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Let these little tidbits sink in….

People actually thought/think Kyle Rittenhouse killed two Black people (and that it wasn’t in self defense), that he was a known white supremacist, that voting for Black Republicans is racist, and that minorities in general voting anything but Democrats is them being racists.  Oh, and that women voting for anything but Democrats is sexist.

Of course, not a one of those things nor damn near anything else the Media spews is even close to the truth.  This is why I don’t trust the Media, as well as why I continuously say they’re our biggest internal enemy.  It’s also why I’ve been pointing out for years that Democrats have no platform or viable success to stand on, which is why their entire strategy is to demonize and dehumanize everyone else, as well as pander to emotional thinkers who have been indoctrinated by fellow liberals in our education system.  

It’s kinda like a fart, where the smeller is the feller.  Democrat policies have been and continue to be one of enablement, economic suppression, division, hate, and fear…..which has historically and currently hurts Black people and everyone else.  Inner cities, cheap immigrant labor, generational welfare, various crime bills, inflation, etc.  Wake up.  Thank you