Nintendo’s Latest Pokémon Game is, “Offensive Misstep!”

Coming right before the 2021 Electronics Expo, details have leaked around Nintendo’s latest Pokémon Game. This is nothing new, industry leaks happen all the time (sometimes intentional). However, this leak is giving the gaming giant a black eye. Social media is buzzing about Nintendo’s newest Pokémon game, calling it an #offensivemisstep and #racistpokemon.

Social media and YouTube influencer, @WhooopAsh posted a scathing video calling for Nintendo’s “cancellation” for “ignoring the plight of law-abiding illegal aliens”.

In the game, “Pokémon: Immigration Version”, players can capture virtual Pokémonin the player’s real-world just as before. However, as a twist, if a player sees someone they suspect to be an ‘illegal alien’ they can also capture them in a pokemon ball. In a virtual sense, they are providing sanctuary, food, security, etc. for a troubled immigrant.

Many pro-immigrant groups have come out against the game update for promoting the capturing of immigrants to forcing them into human trafficking and fighting – something those against illegal immigration argue REALLY happens.

“This new Pokémon game is a perfect reflection on the problems with illegal immigration!” says Pro-Trump, Anti-illegal immigration spokesperson Bilda Bourdier-Walle. “The Harris/Biden administration is encouraging decent folk to leave their homes and countries and come get free stuff in America. Meanwhile, once they start out, or get close to the border millions of children are kidnapped by drug cartels or worse and forced to help them slip into the country as a ‘family’ or used as sex slaves! Mamma Mia! I’m glad that Nintendo game is finally bringing attention to the problem!”

The game, “Pokémon: Immigration Version” is the brainchild of Game Developer, Iris Unova. She explained, “My desire was to bring attention to the horrible treatment of Immigrants coming across the southern border into the United States. I wanted my game to remind children even they can help. If children, their parents, communities came together they could help so many!”

Our sources say the game has been scrapped and will not be announced at E3 or during Nintendo Direct on June 16th.

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