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Quick explanation of why gas and everything else going up!

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Quick explanation of why gas and everything else going up is indeed Biden and the Democrats’ fault:
1.  A.  Gas is going up because Biden has continuously attacked the supply of oil, just like Obama did with coal and energy production in general.  By denying new leases (4 major ones in the last week alone) and halting additional infrastructure for the safe transportation of it, he is purposely driving the supply down.….and with demand up, you create our current situation.  You also get a violent shove towards electric cars, which of course they and their Communist allies in China are heavily invested in and look to control the market.
1.  B.  Yes, oil companies have seen record profits…..because they’ve seen record sales.  Yes, oil production is up and unemployment is down since the beginning of 2021…..because we’re no longer in lockdowns and the mandates have been lifted; not because of some magic wand from Biden.  Look at the entire picture instead of the narratives given to you by the Media. 
2.  By putting more regulations on our economy from resources to production, while allowing Socialist and Communist countries to be rewarded for their lack of environmental regulations and cheap/slave labor, to using unnecessary and entirely destructive lockdowns/mandates…..Biden and the Democrats have and are purposely stifling our economy, while putting excess pressure on foreign nations to supply our needs.  Thanks to those foreign countries also doing unnecessary lockdowns/mandates, we now have shortages of numerous products.  Oh, and don’t forget how places like California and Canada massively hurt the supply chain by forcing out truckers who didn’t want to partake in their oppressive mandates.  
Class dismissed.