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Simple Truths

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Here are the most simple of truths that I can’t believe some people haven’t figured out yet, especially after being repeated over and over throughout history:

The harder a bunch of hypocritical, power hungry politicians push literally anything on the people, the more distrust and resistance they’ll meet.  Especially when those same authoritarian rulers desire to eliminate freedoms and things like the Nuremberg Code.

If you truly want someone to do something that you feel would be beneficial to them or others, intellectually explain it to them why they should and practice what you preach…..rather than threatening, demonizing, forcing, or being like the Germans’ who are bringing back their glorious “camps”.  It’s that freaking simple.  You’re welcome.

PS.  I hope you’re as disgusted by the lack of coverage in the Maxwell/Epstein case as I am.  Stop being distracted and realize that many of the same people trying to control us and fleece our wealth were/are involved in some unimaginable atrocities that need to be rectified.