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 Some simple observations that don’t require much thought

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Brian Savilla

 ·Some simple observations that don’t require much thought, but always seem to provoke unnecessary anger. 🤔 1. It’s difficult not to notice that every time the economy starts doing poorly (quickly heading towards recession, with Bidenflation and a supply crisis in high gear), the world becomes more destabilized because of the same people who screwed the economy (Democrats and Russia, our money being fleeced to Ukraine, dirty deals with China, etc), and heat starts to get put on politicians (anyone connected to the Clinton s or DNC)…..that either a race or sex war ensues, the focus shifts to guns, or something else divisive or scary gets thrown into the news cycle 24/7. Kinda like how Durham is openly going after those connected with the 2016 Russia Hoax, more evidence about how the 2020 election was indeed stolen is being exposed…..annnnnnnnnd then a Democrat insider in the Supreme Court leaks something controversial. Surprise, surprise!2. If you’re going to talk about emotional issues, just come out and say your emotional stance. Don’t use nonexistent laws, extremely rare or nonexistent occurrences, horrifically misquoted scriptures, or the failures of Socialism to justify your stance that includes no factual evidence at all. There’s no scientific or logical reason to support abortion, no biological or moral reason to support the trans and pedophile movements, no statistical or historical reason to support gun control, and no financial or social reason to support Socialism. Also, don’t put a monetary value on someone else’s life, decide what everyone’s quality of life should be, or believe yourself to be full of charity because you want the government to steal from one to give to another (or yourself). For people who supposedly believe in “love is love” and “live and let live”, they’re sure quick to pass judgment and use authoritative government to push their own personal morality on everyone…..which is why they hate the Constitution and freedom in general.3. If Democrats were indeed the moral majority and the party of love and tolerance…..why do they need to threaten and aggressively “protest” every time they don’t get their way? They’ve burnt down and looted businesses and areas of cities they themselves live in and control (while ignorantly accusing themselves of racism if they had any critical thinking at all), they’ve accosted politicians in public areas and are currently doing so at their places of work and residences, and even after controlling the vast majority of the narrative through the media and entertainment…..they are still terrified of people having freedom of speech and legislative choice. They are the definition of the indoctrination into and rebirth of the militant Marxist overthrowing of society and government we’ve seen over the past century. PS. Still waiting for those people who say “men can have babies”, “birthing person”, or any of the other ridiculous things Democrats push on society and children… explain why ”women” are the only people who have a say in abortion. So, what’s a woman?