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Liza Hassayampa

Liza Hassayampa
Research and Fact Checker

Liza comes to us from her stint at the New York Times. We were told her coffee was to die for. Unfortunately, this was a miscommunication. It turns out “killer coffee” is why she comes to us from the New York Times.

Her role at The Liars Lair is more than just fetching coffee. She’s a woman, dammit, not your mother or someone’s servant!! Direct quote.

Liza heads up our research department. She goes out on the interwebs and brings us all the information we need to bring you factual articles. Just don’t ask her to bring you research on coffee. We’ll miss you Larry!

Jacob Jocose

Jacob Jocose
Staff Photographer

Jacob has been interested in photography his entire life. He says his interest peaked when, as a teen, he stumbled upon his father’s “glamour photography” magazine collection in the garage.

He honed his skill with the camera taking cat pictures and posting selfies on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. We looked, there were a lot of likes, hearts and “upvotes”.

Come to think of it, the last time I checked, we mostly use stock photos from on-line services. So, I really have no idea what Jacob does, here. Does anyone know where Jacob is, right now?

Tara Diddle

Tara Diddle
Webmaster and Kitchen Manager

Tara comes to us from our defunct, sister publication, TheDiggerer serving as their webmaster. She assures us, she was NOT the reason it went out of business. We lost interest in her version of events when she started droning on about the men ignoring the female employees.

Tara has a keen eye for design and color! We love what she’s done for our website! It went from looking like a reject from the 80’s to a little more professional. I still miss FLASHING TEXT, but she tells me to ‘move on’.

When she’s not working on the website or “punching up” article titles, you’ll find her making coffee. Hey, it doesn’t make itself!

Hokum Crock

Hokum Crock
On Political Assignment

Hokum is a “Man of Mystery” so said his Twitter bio. Based on his tweets (before deleting his account), he was also a man of controversy. He sought out and offered contrary views on every trending topic. Needless to say, he’s now living under an assumed name, “Fausse Nom De Plume” we believe.

We promised to keep his identity a secret.

Hokum, err, Fausse, is our Political Beat reporter. He’s rubbing elbows (COVID19 precautions) and getting in the faces (with a mask on, of course) of all the big wigs in Washington, DC. We’re hoping he stops partying long enough to submit some real news.

Tommy Rott

Tommy Rott
Special Reporter

Thomas Wayne Rott comes from money. Lots of money. Let’s just say, his parents are VERY THANKFUL we found a place for him at The Liar’s Lair!

On a completely unrelated topic, I love my new car!

Tommy is our “special” reporter. Oops, sorry. He’s our very, Special Reporter. If a story comes across the line and no one else wants it, Tommy makes things happen. Usually, those ‘things’ have to be cleaned up by someone else, but on occasion, he has submitted a half-way interesting article or two! Way to go, Tommy! We believe in you!

Have I told you about my new car?

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