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Strict lessons and judgement

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Brian Savilla

   · Yes, Jesus ate with and continuously talked to sinners…..but He didn’t accept their sins or lifestyles, as many people vaguely try to manipulate His messages into being. On the contrary, He never has nor will accept our sins, but rather He forgives them…..if we do as He taught and commanded us. He tried to lead people from sin, to get them to repent and forsake their worldly ways, and to believe in and follow only Him. Those who didn’t were warned of the damning consequences. Acceptance of anything but what we’re called to do is weakness and failure, it tries to avoid the consequences of our actions, and it explains why those preaching the false teachings are creating nothing but confusion, self destruction, and victim-hood…..whereas Jesus taught through strict lessons and judgement, which makes people stronger and wiser.Over the past century, the Devil and those working for him have been pushing Jesus out of our country, especially our schools and other public places. As a people, we have allowed it to happen…..sometimes by believing we’re conceding small battles, while at other times giving up entire arenas out of fear or apathy. People have warned of the consequences, but their voices have been drowned out by the corrupt entertainers and politicians who many have elevated as gods, as well as their own chasing of material objects and worldly desires. The most common thing I’ve personally experienced is those who agree with what I’m saying…..but who live in silent consent because they’re afraid of the social and possible financial consequences of speaking up. Now that we’ve allowed the slippery slope to erode our government, society, churches, and homes…..many are finally starting to awaken to just how far we’ve fallen because of our apathy and misguided desires. Our schools have been infiltrated by groomers and abusers that are hellbent on destroying the lives of our nation’s children. Our media and entertainment industries demonize millions of innocent people, while blatantly covering up the corruption and crimes of the elite. Many of our politicians are selling us out for their own financial gain, purposely destroying our society and sovereignty, and quickly pushing us towards a Marxist hell. It seems to many like this is hitting us all at once, but the wheels have been in motion since at least 1913. I know most of that sounded negative…..because it is. I would call seeing groomers and abusers joyously attacking children pretty damn negative. If you want it to stop, we must all fight back now. We must be active in our churches, schools, and every political office from school boards to the President. We must turn off the fake news, the entertainers, and the companies who are proudly pushing these evils. Parents need to look at everything their kids are learning and show up to school if everything isn’t 100% transparent. If your pastor is promoting anything non-biblical, you need to leave immediately and never look back. Personal responsibility and action is the only way that we have a chance of fixing these problems. Lastly, we need to stop waiting for others to act on our behalf. I pray everyday, then I go out and see where Jesus is going to lead me, and then I act. No, I haven’t lived up to what He has planned for me, I’ve fallen short constantly, I’ve let distractions and anger lead me astray, and I’m the furthest thing from what/who I need to be. Thankfully, I am forgiven and saved because I believe in Him…..not because of anything I’ve done, will do, or can do. I am just a servant and I hope that I can be more like Him every day. If we all learn meekness, stop putting ourselves first, and follow Him…..we’ll easily be able to combat the evil around us. Don’t confuse meekness for weakness though, because He gives us the strength to fight any battle and there’s nothing in this world that can harm our souls if we trust and believe on Him.