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The “corporate greed” and “January 6th” traps

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It’s nice to see that some people aren’t falling for the “corporate greed” and “January 6th” traps being set for them, especially as our economy is on the verge of a massive recession thanks to those in government printing and spending money like your brother who sucked at playing Monopoly used to try and do. January 6th is as big of a hoax and scapegoat attack as was the Russia hoax that we wasted years and millions of taxpayer dollars on. Still waiting on some apologies for those lies btw 🧐 Same as with blaming oil companies for the price of gas, which even the simplest research will show to again be the fault of politicians and not “big oil” executives. You can’t put additional costs like carbon taxes and publicly try to demonize and destroy the fossil fuel industry…..and not expect a negative impact on costs and business development. I’ll gladly go into much greater depth if anyone wishes 😊