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The Cost of War
An update from Tulsi’s team while she is out for army trainingJAN 11 SAVE▷  LISTEN What is the cost of war? You won’t hear this important question asked — or answered — by politicians talking on camera, in conversations on Capitol Hill, amongst the permanent Washington class of elites, or those in the media and in the military industrial complex. Somehow, there is always a blank check coming from Congress, spending American taxpayer dollars to go and wage new wars, a new Cold War, a new nuclear arms race, while the powerful elites tell people back here at home, those who are struggling for clean water, safe communities, and a secure border, that there’s just not enough money for these fundamental needs. So, what is the cost of war? Tulsi’s guest on the podcast this week is someone who asks this question. And he asks it often. Stephen Kinzer is a prolific author, award-winning foreign policy correspondent who’s traveled to over 50 countries on five continents, and a Senior Fellow in International Affairs at Brown University. In their conversation, you’ll hear truths the mainstream media won’t tell you about the profound cost of war — in the forms of human life, your taxpayer dollars, the US economy, and our safety, security, and freedom. They cover the consequences at home and abroad of the decisions made by the President and Commander in Chief, by leaders in Congress, even by Hillary Clinton, and the “War Machine” subcontracting our foreign policy to other countries. This exposé into the high cost of war is now available on The Tulsi Gabbard Show wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen NowTulsi and her guest Stephen Kinzer clearly lay out how American foreign policies to overthrow governments abroad have backfired, ultimately leading to failures that weaken our national security and endanger the safety of all Americans. After listening, you’ll better understand and appreciate the profound cost of war — because we are the ones who are paying the price. 
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