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The enemy is within

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Brian Savilla

 · Anyone else find it interesting that all these foreign and domestic “crises” started happening right before the 2020 election, which was rigged to get the White House and Senate, and then after to fleece our money everywhere but to the citizens of the US? International war that requires billions sent every few weeks to Ukraine, a forceful shift towards “green” products that are dominated by China and those making the regulations, supply shortages that forcefully shift the market towards certain companies, our borders being nonexistent with a growing media push towards amnesty, our strategic supplies being wasted and given to anyone but American citizens, etc….. Of course, many of the Democrats (including our record breaking President) happen to have questionable at best (corrupt) ties to Ukraine, China, and just so happen to be invested in the companies getting government assistance, both financially and regulatory. Also interesting is how BLM and other race war instigators use choreographed narratives pushed by themselves, the Media, and Democrats at just the perfect time…..when Democrats need attention shifted away from their corruption and failures, or when they need to demonize their opponents. Even more interesting is how no one seems to notice that BLM and the rest are always being oppressed in areas controlled entirely by their Democrat saviors. 🤔 Maybe you’ll notice how we’re having record inflation and shortages that are getting worse by the day…..but billions of taxpayer dollars just keep going overseas to corrupt governments, illegals keep pouring across our virtually open borders, and both get the supplies and money that could be helping millions here at home. Kinda like the baby formula shortage in our stores…..while illegals are receiving pallets of formula for ”free”. But don’t worry because the Bill Gates backed formula company will save the day. You definitely shouldn’t find that conflicting, or the amount of investment in companies like Pfizer by most of those in DC, or the investment in and direct connections to Chinese labs by the CDC, etc. Nope. Just focus on the next emotional topic, be silent as militant Democrats threaten our Supreme Court at the discretion of the White House itself, and keep passing the buck. Wake up.PS. The January 6th Commission is the exact same thing as the Committees on Russia, Ukraine, and every other lie, political attack, and coverup that the Democrats use to distract and deflect. Kinda like everything the Democrats accused Trump of turned out to be blatant lies that were created and paid for by Democrats. But of course, on to the next crisis or fear to avoid the truth. The enemy is within.