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Today’s the day. I’m about to touch on a hypersensitive subject that seemingly everyone is either terrified to talk about or willing to use as an excuse/attack.  So in the words of Joe Swanson, bring it on!  
In my younger days, I was surrounded by rap music all the time.  Especially in college, I heard it every day I was on campus.  One of the most consistent messages that wasn’t sexual in nature, was that of a culture who opposed what they saw/see as their oppressors.  The government, the police, and other “power” that held them down was extremely consistent in their lyrics.  Well, since I believe in talking about and solving problems rather than just being defensive or angry, I have to ask…..what have those rappers or the Black community done to solve these problems?  Same question goes to groups like BLM as well.  
Obviously, I know that daring to ask such a question will get me demonized, but I don’t care.  Ironically and strategically, those demonizing people like me who are trying to get conversations started and solutions made, are either filled with misguided anger or are benefiting from keeping the problems alive.  People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, organizations like BLM and especially their leaders, and Democrat politicians have all made millions off the anger and created divisions; enriching themselves and buying houses in upscale areas, rather than fixing their communities they’re supposed to represent.  Name one of them that lives in a lower income area, that has invested the money they’ve raised back into the community, or has made life in those areas better.  I’ll wait…..  Aside from that, there’s a bigger problem that I’ve addressed before, but people don’t want to acknowledge.  
If you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t Black.  Of course, our current benevolent leader said that on the campaign trail last year, and sadly he is right 90% of the time.  Black people have been voting almost entirely straight ticket Democrat for well over half a century now.  During that time, Democrats have controlled nearly all of the major urban and heavily Black cities in the US.  Also during that time, urban decay, failing inner city schools, violence and crime, generational welfare, and poverty have become the constants for those areas.  Even the “FTP” voice is screaming at a police force that is controlled by the very same politicians they themselves repeatedly elect.  So…..why do you keep voting for corruption, problem creators and enablers, and the definition of insanity?  At some point, you have to point the finger at yourselves instead of blaming those you’ve been told to hate.
Sadly, there’s even more to this story.  Strangely, Blacks are taught to hate other Blacks if they don’t vote or act a particular way.  Non-Democrat Blacks are far too often called unflattering terms like “Uncle Tom”.  Athletes and rappers who dare meet with people like Trump are heavily criticized, and business owners who worked with him were largely ignored after they praised the billions his plans (such as the opportunity zones) would put directly into the inner cities.  Any time someone actually tries to remedy any number of problems…..white liberals, Democrats of all colors, and the Media attack them relentlessly.  Again, without their never ending problems, they wouldn’t have anything to make you afraid or angry about, which ruins their fundraising and power over you.  That’s why they demonize anyone and everyone who stands in their way, and sadly it just takes falsely accusing someone of racism to end the conversation.  
As always, I am addressing the problems here and wanting to find solutions.  To keep the conversation going, here are several of my observations and solutions.  If you don’t like them, tell me why and how yours are better:  First, never vote for anyone based off their political party.  Make people stand on their values and accomplishments, of which should never be what they’re going to give you in the form of tax dollars.  That’s called buying votes and it’s the quickest way from them to gain power through enabling you.  Second, never demonize someone else, but rather have an educated conversation.  Third, here’s a list of detailed thoughts about this…..
Schools:  I’ve been calling for years to work towards privatizing public schools, or at least creating a voucher system that makes schools have to compete for the funds.  I’ve also been a proponent of tougher school discipline, as well as kicking out violent students (physically, not ones who are offensive to sensitive feelings).  Probably the best solution is getting rid of social justice and liberal indoctrination classes (especially in college) that serve no purpose in our lives.  College would be significantly cheaper, more valuable, and shorter if we eliminated worthless degrees and only focused on training people for the field of their choice.  Oh, and each major in college should have to show what jobs and incomes are available for each degree.  Bye bye, gender studies!  
Jobs:  The quickest way to put people to work and lower the cost of living is to get people off welfare, and especially to stop expanding it (nothing is “free”).  People who have skin in the game are far more likely to care about themselves and their surroundings, as well as pay attention to where their tax dollars are going.  Considering the majority of our taxes go to welfare programs and schools, cutting back welfare and making schools more competitive/efficient will actually make even low paying jobs have a better “living wage”.  Furthermore, you should never have the option to do nothing (and get paid by the government) when something is available.  That’ll actually reduce crime too.  The Turks have a proverb which says that the devil tempts all other men, but that idle men tempt the devil.
Police:  There’s numerous solutions here that are obviously controversial, such as addressing the horrific and downright deadly biased narratives that are pushed through our Media and by many Democrats.  Ferguson, Baltimore, and several other Democrat controlled cities have seen massive riots, looting, and destruction because of the Media, Democrats, and BLM stoking the flames with their far too often false narratives.  While their cities are burning, those same people who literally control the police and make the laws they’re enforcing are sitting safely in their protected mansions… they point the finger at any number of scapegoats (police, white supremacy, or whatever else).  I hear about the war on drugs, the profiling, and various other accusations and real problems…..but rather than go after those creating the laws and policies, they attack the messenger.  
Criminals:  A big problem that our police face is repeat offenders.  As we’re currently seeing in Democrat cities like San Francisco, horrific policies and practices are putting criminals back on the street for various reasons in a matter of hours.  Little to no bail, catch and release for looters and rioters, and other acts of weakness are doing nothing but empowering criminals.  Getting rid of activist judges and politically motivated prosecuting attorneys is a massive solution, as well as criminal justice reform in general.  I’m all for lesser penalties for nonviolent criminals, but more importantly we need to overhaul the system entirely.  Prison sentences should be more consistent, tougher and shorter, and with opportunities for actual rehabilitation and counseling.  Make it a place that people truly don’t want to go, and learn from areas that have low recidivism rates.  
Hand in hand with the other topics, if you make the schools more competitive, get people off welfare, get people earning money and paying their “fair share” of taxes, eliminate the false narratives and demonizing in the Media and politics, and in general have people take responsibility for their own lives…..a larger portion of the inner city problems would be solved.  Of course, from personal experience, I know it’s not easy to start off at the bottom, but it is doable.  Cutting taxes and creating more opportunities through ideas like Trump’s opportunity zones are two of the biggest economic solutions for impoverished areas…..rather than just continuing the never ending cycle of poverty, crime, and false blame.  
Thank you for your time, and I hope we can discuss and solve problems rather than just keep falling into the same class and race warfare that our puppet masters keep alive for their own gain.  I love you all ❤️

PS.  Don’t forget about the Maxwell case.  These pedophiles and rapists need pay.  All of them, no matter if you voted for them or how much you loved their movies.  So do the Media personalities and companies silencing information about it as well.