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Try to find the humor in things

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I try to find the humor in things rather than getting upset about what I can’t control. Kinda like how a bunch of people are upset right now that Biden and the Democrats lied about damn near everything, but specifically student loans.

Welcome to Politics 101; where politicians continuously get elected by telling highly emotional people what they want them to hear, getting them angry and/or greedy over lies, getting caught up in those lies, and then finding the next big lie to get them angry and/or greedy again.

While you’re freaking out over self-inflicted debt, chasing imaginary racists and evil rich people, believing politicians can fix the weather, accusing people of being Fascists while supporting authoritarian rulers and partaking in cancel culture, accusing those who try to discuss what’s going on of being conspiracy theorists, and trying to claim “settled science” while eliminating basic biology…..I’ll be over here drinking a beer and enjoying the hypocrisy and insanity show. I love you all, no matter what you think or believe. I’d just prefer if everyone learned economics, history, government, and biology so we could stop with unnecessary problems.

You know, like voting for career politicians and Marxists. Merry Christmas 🎁