Standing Up For America

Vote for those who preach and practice limited government

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If you want to see the blatant indoctrination of those I’ve referenced over the past decade, look no further than the people who believe that politicians in Government can change the climate for the better. Sadly, they’re the same people who fall for every last scare tactic and emotional attack that comes their way. Racism, sexism, phobia, climate crisis, gun crisis, evil corporations, evil rich, border crisis (only under Trump), etc….. People are having their heads filled with hate and fear for things that aren’t relevant, are caused by those who are pointing the finger elsewhere, or don’t even exist. Of course, those pointing the finger are always the beneficiaries of the hate and fear, because they successfully demonize their opposition and finically benefit from controlling/manipulating the market.

Vote for those who preach and practice limited government, local government control, and capitalism. All others are liars and cheats who have a proven track record of both, campaigns filled with vague and empty promises, and the emotional rhetoric I mentioned before. *Cue AOC in handcuffs without handcuffs while crying at a fence*