Standing Up For America

Wake up America.

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So we know that the Clintons are less than stellar people with a string of dead bodies suspiciously close to them, as well as factually broken laws by Hillary that even the FBI admitted she broke…..and nothing happens to them. The Biden family has corrupt financial dealings and questionable at best activities around the world, some of which required the use of the “big guy’s” office…..and nothing happens to them. There’s a known list of people who knowingly had inappropriate activities with minors and sex slaves, especially after one of the people responsible for the arrangements just got convicted for it…..and nothing happens to them. But of course, a man all these corrupt people have demonizing and attacking for over 6 years, spent millions and years investigating, and has continuously been vindicated and shown people like the Clintons were the real culprits…..and he gets his private residence raided by the FBI.

Trump was right about the Deep State, he’s right about the massive corruption in the swamp, and he was right when he said they hate him because he stands between them and us. As I’ve said numerous times, we’re witnessing how Germany was overran by the Nazis, and we’re seeing people in government agencies play the part of the SS. You have ATF agents going door to door checking legal gun purchases, FBI agents targeting the innocent, a now doubled in size IRS ready to target us, and other such things most people are incapable of seeing because of their normalcy bias.

While many people continue to be blinded by one issue voting (such as abortion), the ones pulling at the heart strings are actively destroying our Republic. I recommend looking at the bigger picture instead of thinking your “rights” are taken away because of what some woke agenda told you. You’re not oppressed, but if you continue to play the game they’ve created for you then you will be. Wake up.